Posted by Shirley Huston in Health Care on May 19th, 2008

There was a program launched in 2007 that offers huge discounts in prescription costs. The California Rx Card Program is for all California residents and can save many people as much as 75% on prescriptions.

As a resident of California, you and your family have access to a FREE Prescription Drug Card program. Simply download your Prescription Drug Card and receive savings of up to 75% at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies. You may create as many cards as you need. Participating pharmacies include the following: CVS/pharmacy, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, and K-Mart, as well as thousands of independent pharmacies.

Just go to, enter your name and e-mail address and they will generate a printable membership card for you. This card is pre-activated and can be used immediately.

This program is available to the uninsured. So if you or a relative have a prescription that you have to pay out of pocket for, be sure to ask about this program. I went to CVS last weekend and asked about it. They knew exactly what I was talking about. My brand name prescription was only $144 under the program instead of the $224 I usually pay. What a difference!