California Rx Card Testimonials

Thank you for saving me over $1,000.00 per year. I was a skeptic at first but I have used the card for over a year. I am unemployed over the last year and being Bipolar, I need my medication. I tell everyone I know about this plan.

Ethan B.
San Francisco, CA

I saved $300/month on prescription costs for an individual health insurance prospect this past Thursday. I showed her your website and plugged in her prescriptions during an in-office appt. I printed her an I.D. card and she was ecstatic when she left. Great program to offer my clients.

Ralph L.
Fresno, CA

My wife is discontinuing health coverage at the end of this month and needed some help on a drug called Simvastatin. I found out that CVS carries the drug at a 40mg dose for $7.98 for a 30-day supply, which was cheaper than the $40 she paid with insurance.

David C.
Fresno, CA

I want to thank you from my heart as the program you offer has helped me beyond my wildest dreams over these last few years. If I could afford to turn my phone on I would have found a way to call you instead. I have tried numerous times to tell others about this program because I just want to share my good fortune and try and help others. So many start off by telling me "Oh I only pay (so much) for a discount card now that is great! LOL I cant get it through to them that you dont pay anything for this one but the cost of your discount! Thank you all over and over for this. Is there anyway AT ALL that you can Advertise on cable or somewhere so others would in fact take notice? I wish I had a way to really spread the word. either way I will do what ever I can to get people to use your discount card because it has got to be the best thing I have ever ran across. May God bless your efforts all the more.

Michael S.
San Diego, CA

For the first time today, I used your free drug card program. I must say that I am very impressed with your services. If not for your excellent services, my daughter would not have been able to get her medicine she uses daily for epilepsy. Thank you for being there for us. I will definitely tell my friends about your program. It is certainly a comforting thought to know that in our present economic state, we do have a company we can depend on.

Melanie E.
Fresno, CA

Thank you for your response and again thank you for being part of this plan, I am sure it is helping alot of people that need it. Normally I pay the amount of $45.99 for a two week supply of a generic medication, but thanks to your plan I only payed $17.98. What a relief it is to be able to afford my medication, since I have not been able to find a steady job.

Alex M.
Lodi, CA